Student Achievements


Student Paul Hauer performs for violinist Leonidas Kavakos at the International Masterclass Sessions in Athens.


Kerr’s approach to teaching, which integrates professional acumen and strategic market thinking with the rigor of training a world-class player, has gained him one of the highest placement rates among classical violin instructors in the U.S.

Elissa Cassini
Former Concertmaster; Orquesta Sinfonica Petrobas, Sao Paolo Brazil

Lucas Aleman
Section 1st Violin, The Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Gregor Sigl
Artemis Quartet/Former Concertmaster, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra

Quentin De Roos
Section 1st Violin, Berlin Symphony Orchestra

Chie Peters
Associate Principal 2nd Violin, Deutsches Oper Berlin

Isel Rodriguez-Trujillo
Concertmaster, Orquesta de Cordoba

Dorothee Haenschen
Principal 2nd Violin, Netherlands Chamber Orchestra

Ingrid van Dingstee
Van Dingstee Quartet/Section 1st Violin, Amsterdam Sinfonietta

Marjolein van Dingstee
Van Dingstee Quartet/Principal 2nd, Gelders Orchestra

Christianne Stotijn
Former Violinist, World Renowned Mezzo-Soprano

Junko Naito
Section 1st Violin, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

David Peralta Alegre
Principal 2nd Violin, The Netherlands Philharmonic

Sergey Ostrovsky
Former Concertmaster, Orchestra de la Suisse Romande/First Violinist of the Aviv Quartet /Former Concertmaster, The Orchestre de Le Palau des Arts de la Communidad Valenciana, Spain

Marte Straatsma
Section 1st Violin, Gelders Orchestra

Maria Itkonen
Assistant Concertmaster; Tampere Philharmonic, Finland

Marleena Olli
Section 2ND Violin, Helsinki Opera

Maija Jaatinen
Section 2ND Violin, Rotterdam Philharmonic

Mirte de Kok
Section 1st Violin, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

Christian van Eggelen
Section 1st Violin, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

Maaike Aarts
Section 1st Violin, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra/Section Violin, The Netherlands Chamber Orchestra

Tjeerd Top
Associate Concertmaster, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

Sarah Koch
Assistant Concertmaster, Metropol Orchestra, Amsterdam

Annelieke van Beest
Section 1st Violin, Rotterdam Philharmonic

Irina Pena Sanchez
Section 1st Violin, Orquesta sinfonica de Tenerife

Sarah Oates
Concertmaster; Holland Sinfonia, The Netherlands/Associate Concertmaster, The Philharmonia Orchestra

Tessa Badenhoop
Section 1st Violin, Netherlands Philharmonic

Sergey Arseniev
Associate Principal 2nd Violin; Residentie Orkest, The Hague, The Netherlands

Laura Veeze
Associate Principal 2nd Violin, Netherlands Radio Chamber Orchestra/Section violin, The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, Canada

Willem de Bordes
Artistic Director, Amsterdam Sinfonietta/Conductor

Amaia Lizaosa
Section 1st Violin, Orquesta de Sevilla

Zhan Shu
Section 1st Violin, The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

Loren Silvertrust
Section Violin, The Buffalo Philharmonic

Holly Huelskamp
Concertmaster, Theatro Municipal de Santiago de Chile

Hannah Yim
Assistant Concertmaster, Louisiana Philharmonic

Karen Wyatt
Section Violin, The Utah Symphony Orchestra

Benjamin Hart
Associate Concertmaster, Louisiana Philharmonic

Michael Waterman
Section 1st Violin, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

Rachel Patrick
Adjunct Professor at Pacific and Napa Valley Colleges

Mikaela Holland
Teacher, St. John of San Francisco Orthodox Academy

Nathan Giem
Former Concertmaster, The Tokyo Philharmonic/Concertmaster, Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra

Alex Martin
Section 1st Violin, The Utah Symphony Orchestra

Hee Sagong
Doctoral Program and Assistant to Oleh Krysa, The Eastman School of Music

Peter Vickery
Assistant Concertmaster, The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

Alexander Ayers
Section Violin, The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra

Thomas Rodgers
Principal 2nd Violin, The Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra

Miika Gregg
Section 1st Violin, The Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Ann Fink
Section 1st Violin, The St. Louis Symphony Orchestra

Kathryn Eberle (audition coach)
Associate Concertmaster, Utah Symphony Orchestra

Diana Cohen (audition coach)
Concertmaster; Calgary Symphony Orchestra, Canada

Won-Hee Lee
Section Violin, The Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra

Julie Wunderle
Section 2nd Volin, The Utah Symphony Orchestra

Chao-Kai Lin
Section Violin; The Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, Norway

Alexander Boissonnault
Associate Concertmaster, The Charleston Symphony Orchestra

Nora Scheller
Section Violin, The Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Lydia Umlauf
Section Violin, The Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Hannah Linz
The Dallas Symphony Orchestra Van Zweden Scholar

Mariana Cottier-Bucco
Section Violin, The Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Jonathan Ong
Member of award-winning Verona Quartet

Dorothy Ro
Member of award-winning Verona Quartet

Augusta McKay Lodge
Kovner Fellow in Baroque Violin at the Juilliard School of Music

Alexandra Maria Schuck
Principal Second Violin, Staatsoper Stuttgart                         

Paul Hauer
Section Violin, The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra

Yuan-Yuan Wang
Section Violin, The Florida Orchestra                                                                                                                      

Yoonah Na
Adjunct Professor, Seoul National University/Section Violin, The Korean Chamber Orchestra