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“(Kerr) brought a fetching illusion of spontaneity to the (Barber) concerto’s opening, as if dreamily trying out different phrase treatments, then dispatched the perpetual-motion finale with utter authority.”
The Dallas Morning News

“Kerr captured both the lush lyricism of the first and second movements and the explosive (and dauntingly difficult) pyrotechnics of the final movement.”
D Magazine

“He is a thoughtful player and delves deeply into Beethoven’s music. There is not a note that goes unexamined, and he builds the piece from that note, starting on the atomic level, so to speak. From the notes, he builds the phrases. From the phrases, he builds the structure. From that, he builds the movements and then combines them to make the finished performance of the sonata. He then plays his finished conception with an impeccable technique, beautiful sound, perfect intonation and a sense of style that is flexible.”
Theater Jones

“Kerr displayed a sweet, pure tone, lovely expression and flawless intonation as he wove his narrative, always confident and at ease.”
The Cincinnati Enquirer

“Kerr has a beautiful, sweet tone, a technical mastery of his instrument and a complete understanding of musical style.”
The Washington Post

“Kerr, while allowing room for virtuosic bravura, brings out the subtler expressive qualities that separate violinists with perception and depth of feeling from facile technicians.”
The Washington Post

“Kerr is not just ten blazingly efficient fingers, but a musician who has a thorough grasp of style and can put the architecture of large-framed works together with great musical maturity.”
The Chautauqua Daily

“Kerr played the beautiful nuances exceptionally….”
De Volkskrant, Amsterdam

“Alexander Kerr’s solo was a feast for the ears.”
Nordhollands Dagblad, The Netherlands

(With cellist Truls Mørk) “Mørk’s elegant seriousness and Kerr’s extroverted musical temperament made an alliance that led to chamber music of the highest level.”
NRC Amsterdam